Custom LanyardsDid you know that custom lanyards are not only used in holding badge containers, electronic devices, and different cards? They are also used in climbing safely, protecting lives, promoting a product, designing an outfit, and keeping friends close.

1. Lanyards hold sailors’ tools

Hundreds of years ago, sailors’ lives are always at stake whenever they are climbing their ship’s rigging. They had to hold on tightly to the rope and to their sailing tools at hand, otherwise they—the sailors and the tools—will fall deep in the sea.
Luckily, the sailors had thought of making lanyards out of scrap fabrics. They tied their tools on the lanyards then they tied the lanyards around their waist. These made climbing the rigging safer and easier for the sailors.

2. Lanyards hold weapons for self defense

Soldiers in wars used lanyards in holding and securing their pistols and other small weapons. They attached the lanyards on their uniforms and tied the weapons.
Back in 18th century, custom lanyards were used in protecting people’s lives. They placed the lanyards underneath their clothes strategically so they could easily access the knives attached in the lanyards when danger approaches them.

3. Lanyards can promote your products or services

Lanyards are widely used nowadays as promotional products. They cost cheap especially if bought in bulk amounts so businessmen find no problem in giving them away as freebies. The names of the product brands are well imprinted in these freebies.
Custom lanyards are also used as merchandises and souvenirs for concerts, theatre acts, events, gatherings, conventions, bazaars, reunions, and etc.

4. Lanyards are useful in camps

In camps, there are bunch of activities that campers are required to do. Tools like flashlight, a small knife, and a lighter are important to be carried anywhere. Lanyards are the best holders of the mentioned tools. With their help, you are sure that you are ready to face any activity or situation.

5. Lanyards secure your gadgets and gizmos

People now cannot get away from their phones and other gadgets. Sometimes, it is because they wanted to listen to their favorite songs or they are waiting for an important call.
Lanyards can help you carry your electronic devices with you conveniently. You can access them easily and securely.

6. Lanyards have health benefits

Are you sick or in a medication? There is a specific time wherein you have to take your medicines, right? To avoid forgetting to take them and to put your tablets in an easy access place, use lanyards.
Buy a mini medicine case and hang it on the attachment of your custom lanyards.

7. Lanyards prevent any loss

Lanyards are not only useful in school, events, and companies; they are also very useful at home. You surely own a few tiny things like the keys of your house and your car. These keys are sometimes misplaced that you spend a lot of time searching for them.
To prevent that scenario from happening again, buy a lanyard and attach your keys on it. Finally, hang your lanyard on your neck or an easy accessible place. This only proves how convenient lanyards are.

8. Lanyards are your fashion best friends

Common lanyards are made of polyester; they are flat and imprinted with texts and logos. Those were not exactly fashionable. Have you heard of Bling lanyards, Beaded lanyards, and Glitter lanyards? One of these three can be your fashion best friends.
Bling lanyards are glimmering with rhinestones all over them in different color choices. Beaded lanyards come with a variety of beads and colors as well. Glitter lanyards are simply shiny and fancy.
Choose one for you and for your equally fashionable friends, and you have cool friendship lanyards.

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