Ordering batches of rubber bracelets is not at all complicated. But before a person runs off to buy tons or even just one of them, it is better to have background knowledge about what it is to be bought.

Rubber BraceletsUpon the rise of popularity of silicone or rubber wristbands, different types have been created. There are a variety of styles and materials of rubber bracelets. Those varieties make bracelet customizing a little difficult. Understanding those types might ease the difficulty by a whole lot.

There is generally four basic types of rubber bracelets that are available to people:

The first type is embossed rubber wristbands. Although this type is not easy to buy, unlike laser-printed or debossed wristbands, they are a definite good choice for those who want bracelets with a touch of uniqueness and a sense of style. These embossed wristbands could actually have any kind of message and design incorporated onto its body, but a mold is needed for that. There are times that the steel molds needed are stored by the manufacturers only for regular customers.

The second type is Laser-Printed rubber bracelets, the one that is becoming increasingly popular among young people. The laser-engraved bracelets have similaries with debossed bands in both aspects of appearance and texture. The one thing that makes them different is that many of laser-printed bracelet manufacturers charge really outrageous prices. Even if the materials are low prices and if the product is manufactured quickly, the charge stays the same. That is why these kinds of bracelets are often ordered for special occasions only.

The type of laser-printed bracelets is not that well-known because several manufacturers lack the modern machinery required for their production. But that does not hinder customers from making small orders. That is partly due to the fact that these wristbands could be customized with real images in full color. An up-to-date design program could have any personal message or image engraved on the body of rubber bracelets through a printing machine. This type of wristbands does not require a mold to be produced. But even without the uniqueness of embossed bracelets, the easily customizable laser-engraved wristbands make them appear good.

Another type is the debossed rubber bracelets. The “Livestrong” yellow bracelet is a well-known bracelet of this style. The term “debossed” comes from the fact that the letters from of a message are actually carved on the bracelets. Like the embossed wristbands, manufacturers use a mold to have the personalized messages of clients put on the wristband’s body. At the start, bracelets in this style were more expensive as manufacturing those took more time than for other types of bracelets. But due to technology, expert manufacturers have made a simple way to produce steel, simplifying the production of the bracelets themselves.

The silk-printed wristband is the last type. They are considered the cheapest option for buyers. It is because the message and chosen design are silk-printed on blank bodies of rubber bracelets through the use of a template. The process is quite like the ones used for printing t-shirts.

Even though manufacturing silk-printed bracelets is already a simple process, necessary improvements are being made as more effective dyes and effects are discovered. These improvements were made so that the printed messages on the bracelets would not fade or lose the luster of their color over time.

Now that the four basic types have been discussed, the buyer’s next concern would be what to choose from them. All types are alright. What is actually important is the cause behind the wristbands—social awareness, for promoting an organization, for camaraderie, or for a simple event.

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