If you have recently hired a freelancer, then you might want to help him or her to prepare for the task you want done. You should consider suggesting some not-so-magical tools for your article writer, so that he or she can provide you with the best content that meets your content writing needs. These tools should help the freelancer a lot.

Here are those not-so-magical tools that are worth suggesting to your newly hired freelancer:

Forgotten words helper.

With the Forgotten Words Helper, it should be easy to figure out what the exact words are for those ideas that are already at the tip of a writer’s tongue. It is very common for freelancers to encounter situations when they already have something they want to put in the content but are unable to remember what that word is. With Forgotten Words Helper, it should be easy to generate the words that might match what one has in mind.

Word counter.

In article writing, the words become less effective the more writers use them. Repetitive writing can get boring faster, after all. To avoid adding repetitive words into the article, suggest a simple tool to your freelancer to fix that. Word Counter can populate via a frequency list of all overused words in the article. The ones that appear frequently in an article can then be located in an instant. Have your newly hired freelancer download the program since it is free, after all.

Grammar corrector.

There are many grammar correctors available online these days. Have your freelancer download at least one to easily eliminate grammatical errors in the content submitted to you. The freelancer’s credibility as an article writer will definitely improve if he or she learns to use the grammar corrector before submitting a content to you.

Plagiarism detector.

Article WritingPlagiarism is unethical. You do not want to deal with a writer who actually plagiarizes the contents he or she sends to you. Have your content writer use a plagiarism detector to avoid that situation then. Not only the writers, you might want to consider downloading this personally so that you can check whether or not the content submitted to you is unique and original. You can download Copyscape as your plagiarism detector.


Every article writer must have a dictionary. Dictionaries can give the meaning of words, their synonyms, pronunciation, and even how to use them in a sentence. It is a must to have the dictionary at hand to easily know what words mean, especially when these are unfamiliar words. Your content writer will definitely find the dictionary useful.


A thesaurus is optional but it can be very useful. The thesaurus is basically a reference which lists words according to how similar their meanings are to each other. Writers can have a thesaurus in book form or simply download an app online. Suggest the thesaurus to your freelancer when you want them to cut down on the frequency of using some words in the content.

Cliché locator.

Cliché are phrases that may have an artistic flair to them but are already overused that they have lost their original meaning. Such tired phrases are not good for content. They can cause the content to sound corny and amateurish. Your newly hired professional article writer must be able to cut out these vexing clichés. The best way to catch these clichés is to use the Cliché Locator. Have your freelancer download one then.

These tools are really helpful for content writing. Your article writer will have an easier time writing content when these tools are already available to use. Mostly, these apps can be downloaded free of charge so there will be no additional expense for your freelancer or even for you.