Rubber Bracelets in Basics

Ordering batches of rubber bracelets is not at all complicated. But before a person runs off to buy tons or even just one of them, it is better to have background knowledge about what it is to be bought.

Rubber BraceletsUpon the rise of popularity of silicone or rubber wristbands, different types have been created. There are a variety of styles and materials of rubber bracelets. Those varieties make bracelet customizing a little difficult. Understanding those types might ease the difficulty by a whole lot.

There is generally four basic types of rubber bracelets that are available to people:

The first type is embossed rubber wristbands. Although this type is not easy to buy, unlike laser-printed or debossed wristbands, they are a definite good choice for those who want bracelets with a touch of uniqueness and a sense of style. These embossed wristbands could actually have any kind of message and design incorporated onto its body, but a mold is needed for that. There are times that the steel molds needed are stored by the manufacturers only for regular customers.

The second type is Laser-Printed rubber bracelets, the one that is becoming increasingly popular among young people. The laser-engraved bracelets have similaries with debossed bands in both aspects of appearance and texture. The one thing that makes them different is that many of laser-printed bracelet manufacturers charge really outrageous prices. Even if the materials are low prices and if the product is manufactured quickly, the charge stays the same. That is why these kinds of bracelets are often ordered for special occasions only.

The type of laser-printed bracelets is not that well-known because several manufacturers lack the modern machinery required for their production. But that does not hinder customers from making small orders. That is partly due to the fact that these wristbands could be customized with real images in full color. An up-to-date design program could have any personal message or image engraved on the body of rubber bracelets through a printing machine. This type of wristbands does not require a mold to be produced. But even without the uniqueness of embossed bracelets, the easily customizable laser-engraved wristbands make them appear good.

Another type is the debossed rubber bracelets. The “Livestrong” yellow bracelet is a well-known bracelet of this style. The term “debossed” comes from the fact that the letters from of a message are actually carved on the bracelets. Like the embossed wristbands, manufacturers use a mold to have the personalized messages of clients put on the wristband’s body. At the start, bracelets in this style were more expensive as manufacturing those took more time than for other types of bracelets. But due to technology, expert manufacturers have made a simple way to produce steel, simplifying the production of the bracelets themselves.

The silk-printed wristband is the last type. They are considered the cheapest option for buyers. It is because the message and chosen design are silk-printed on blank bodies of rubber bracelets through the use of a template. The process is quite like the ones used for printing t-shirts.

Even though manufacturing silk-printed bracelets is already a simple process, necessary improvements are being made as more effective dyes and effects are discovered. These improvements were made so that the printed messages on the bracelets would not fade or lose the luster of their color over time.

Now that the four basic types have been discussed, the buyer’s next concern would be what to choose from them. All types are alright. What is actually important is the cause behind the wristbands—social awareness, for promoting an organization, for camaraderie, or for a simple event.

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The Different Uses of Custom Lanyards

Custom LanyardsDid you know that custom lanyards are not only used in holding badge containers, electronic devices, and different cards? They are also used in climbing safely, protecting lives, promoting a product, designing an outfit, and keeping friends close.

1. Lanyards hold sailors’ tools

Hundreds of years ago, sailors’ lives are always at stake whenever they are climbing their ship’s rigging. They had to hold on tightly to the rope and to their sailing tools at hand, otherwise they—the sailors and the tools—will fall deep in the sea.
Luckily, the sailors had thought of making lanyards out of scrap fabrics. They tied their tools on the lanyards then they tied the lanyards around their waist. These made climbing the rigging safer and easier for the sailors.

2. Lanyards hold weapons for self defense

Soldiers in wars used lanyards in holding and securing their pistols and other small weapons. They attached the lanyards on their uniforms and tied the weapons.
Back in 18th century, custom lanyards were used in protecting people’s lives. They placed the lanyards underneath their clothes strategically so they could easily access the knives attached in the lanyards when danger approaches them.

3. Lanyards can promote your products or services

Lanyards are widely used nowadays as promotional products. They cost cheap especially if bought in bulk amounts so businessmen find no problem in giving them away as freebies. The names of the product brands are well imprinted in these freebies.
Custom lanyards are also used as merchandises and souvenirs for concerts, theatre acts, events, gatherings, conventions, bazaars, reunions, and etc.

4. Lanyards are useful in camps

In camps, there are bunch of activities that campers are required to do. Tools like flashlight, a small knife, and a lighter are important to be carried anywhere. Lanyards are the best holders of the mentioned tools. With their help, you are sure that you are ready to face any activity or situation.

5. Lanyards secure your gadgets and gizmos

People now cannot get away from their phones and other gadgets. Sometimes, it is because they wanted to listen to their favorite songs or they are waiting for an important call.
Lanyards can help you carry your electronic devices with you conveniently. You can access them easily and securely.

6. Lanyards have health benefits

Are you sick or in a medication? There is a specific time wherein you have to take your medicines, right? To avoid forgetting to take them and to put your tablets in an easy access place, use lanyards.
Buy a mini medicine case and hang it on the attachment of your custom lanyards.

7. Lanyards prevent any loss

Lanyards are not only useful in school, events, and companies; they are also very useful at home. You surely own a few tiny things like the keys of your house and your car. These keys are sometimes misplaced that you spend a lot of time searching for them.
To prevent that scenario from happening again, buy a lanyard and attach your keys on it. Finally, hang your lanyard on your neck or an easy accessible place. This only proves how convenient lanyards are.

8. Lanyards are your fashion best friends

Common lanyards are made of polyester; they are flat and imprinted with texts and logos. Those were not exactly fashionable. Have you heard of Bling lanyards, Beaded lanyards, and Glitter lanyards? One of these three can be your fashion best friends.
Bling lanyards are glimmering with rhinestones all over them in different color choices. Beaded lanyards come with a variety of beads and colors as well. Glitter lanyards are simply shiny and fancy.
Choose one for you and for your equally fashionable friends, and you have cool friendship lanyards.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Custom Lanyards for Your Needs

For a professional-looking and useful item to give away at a special event, nothing can outshine a lanyard as the perfect choice. Custom lanyards could represent the values, corporate image, and colors that an organization wants to promote to their existing and potential customers.

The style of lanyard you choose is likely to be aligned with your reason for purchasing them. If you want them to be given away to delegates at a conference to carry their attendance passes or ID, you should look for a lanyard of a quality that fits the lifestyle of the attendees, and one that is comfortable to wear.

LanyardsIf your organization will be attending a trade show, you might want to use your company lanyards to promote your business activities and values that you consider important in your company. It may be overwhelming if you think about the range of lanyards and attachments available. A crucial thing when choosing the ideal lanyard is to know your target market and the purpose of the custom lanyards. Equipped with this information, you could discuss what you need with the lanyard supplier. You could then select the suitable lanyard materials and attachments from the options available.

Things You Can Consider

When talking to the supplier, these are the questions you need to answer when you order your company lanyards:

1. How complicated is the design?
2. Do you want the company name and logo both printed on the lanyards?
3. What colors will be used in the lanyards?
4. What is your allotted budget and how many lanyards do you need?
5. How fast do you need the lanyards to be delivered?

Then, these are more specific questions that you also need to answer:

1. Are the custom lanyards meant to be worn by attendees of a conference?

A quality double thickness embossed and satin polyester lanyards are both comfortable to wear and considered as luxury lanyards. The print on the lanyards and the sheen of the satin would highlight the company name and logo, which can result to them being easily noticeable at the event.

2. Are the lanyards meant to be a freebie at a trade show?

If you are on a budget, yet you are still looking for a lanyard that would give you a choice of colors and attachments, then you might want to choose the bootlace lanyards that are ideal for holding card, keys, USB flash drives, etc. You could pick the suitable attachments with or without swivel heads that allow for rotation of the connector.

Woven lanyard is another similar lanyard that is within the budget range, which considers the prominent positioning of the company name and logo on the material. You could choose attachments that are either metal or plastic and select a clip or ring. If night visibility is essential to the custom lanyards, you may add a glowing strip to the ribbon. Likewise, if you need to consider safety issues in the design, you can purchase ribbons that have safety release clips.

3. Which Materials Best Suit Your Objectives?

Two of the most common materials used in lanyards are polyester and nylon. They are best for printing your company name and logo using either dye-sublimation or screen-printing process. To learn more about your other options though, you’ll have to communicate with your chosen lanyard manufacturer.

In this age where a lot of people consider social media marketing as the best way to advertise your name and brand to your customers as well as to other businesses, with planning and care, custom lanyards could be the perfect gift item that will offer an all-out and continuous exposure of your products and services for many years.