A common mindset in golf is that to play golf, a person has to spend a lot of cash for the proper golf equipment. This may be true relative to other sports but it does not have to be an absolute truth. There are still ways for a player to save a few more bucks but still get quality golf equipment. Most players, nonetheless, are privy of the information beforehand and would only find out when they have already played a game. Here, then, are some of the things a person could consider when purchasing golf equipment:

1.Buy a nice set of golf attire that could also be used in other business settings.

It is common knowledge that all golf courses have a minimum set of golf attire for anyone who wishes to play. This dress code may differ in varying places. There is however, a universally accepted standard set of attire for golf players; the top is usually a clean collared polo shirt while slacks or golf pants are chosen for the bottom. There is no need to purchase those expensive modified golf shirts. Any polo that would work in a business setting is acceptable in the golf course.

2.Make sure that not only the clothes but also the golf clubs fit.

For those who really want to play golf, a smart investment is to buy the golf clubs that fit him. To do this, he should go to a golf equipment store and ask to be fitted. The attendance there would find a golf club that matches his height and weight. A fitted golf club provides the most comfort and ease when driving.

3.Be fit yourself. Walk and burn a few more calories.

Golf players match the kind of bags they carry with their traveling preference. By choosing to walk, a person would be able to save a lot more than is necessary. The first instance where he could save money is by not renting a golf cart.

Golf equipmentThe second way he could save money is by purchasing the right kind of bag. He could choose the one designed to be carried around the course. These bags, called caddy bags, are lightweight heavy-duty bags and are the least expensive kind of golf bag. If a person finds it hard to carry his caddy bag, he could choose the caddy bag that could be connected to a two-wheeled cart. He could then just pull his bag around rather than carry it.

To make sure that the bag would not be easily ruined, a golfer should store the bag in a cool and dry area. He should make sure it is away from direct sunlight as the direct rays make the nylon brittle and frail.

4.Buy the quality but affordable golf balls.

When a player has yet to learn how to control his drives, he could end up losing many of his balls during a game. In fact, this is true even for those who are already regularly playing golf. This is actually one of the sources of financial drain; a player ends up buying golf balls repeatedly.

There are however two kinds of balls that could be bought at a large discount. The first ones are called recycled balls, made from the balls found by groundkeepers. They are sold in recycling firms where they are cleaned, graded and sold again. The other kind is the Mark-outs or the balls that did not pass the standards of the firm but still passed the formal test of approval. Both of these balls are not allowed to be sold to the public if they did not pass the required international golf ball standards.

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