How Successful Motivational Speakers Connect and Inspire People

Companies and organizations continue to seek fresh insights and inspiration. That’s why they employ motivational speakers, particularly during big events, in order to motivate and encourage their members.

Usually, when people hear the words “motivational speakers” they think of traditional self-help gurus who have built and created empires – complete with books, audio recordings, and their own brand. While often heard talking about success and overcoming hardships, experienced speakers are more than capable of discussing other important subjects. It all depends on the audience and what type of expertise or industry it is. Just how do successful speakers connect and inspire people?

Keynote speakerMotivational speakers are strategic people. They know how to identify their audience and what they would respond to. For example, corporate people always respond to success in their careers and the need for work-life balance. However, there are also industry-specific traits that need to be addressed. Those in the hospitality industry, for instance, will always respond to matters on service improvement. Young people always respond to topics relating to their dreams, or becoming driven and focused. Successful speakers think about their message well, and do not give “canned” speeches. They always customize and tailor-fit the content based on audience profile.

When they are in front of an audience, successful speakers communicate their passion, and that is something that cannot be faked. The audience can feel passion, and will easily spot a speaker who is just pretending. Even if the speaker is an expert on the subject, if the passion is not there, the audience will not respond and will tune him out. Passion has to come first because that is the number one reason why people connect with speakers. It follows that passionate speakers are also confident. They need to know what they are talking about, especially if it comes straight from the heart. Passion and confidence combined makes the subject expert “human enough” that audiences relate to him.

If you get the audience’s attention as a speaker, then you will be able to inspire them as well with sincere encouragement. Inspiring people is also sometimes a tricky thing. Some speakers come off as “preachy” instead of inspirational. Of course, people don’t like have to be told what to do by someone who appears to be a know-it-all. That is the reason why motivational speakers have to prepare well and choose their words wisely.

Successful motivational speakers also have unique stories to tell. They usually have fascinating stories or information. Maybe the story is not new, but the speaker puts a brand new spin to it. This propels audiences to pay attention and respond to the speech. People usually respond to unique stories that involve reaching goals that they think are impossible. This seems to trigger something in people that makes them realize that they can reach their seemingly impossible goals in life.

Industry-specific material should always be included in the speech. Speakers are usually chosen because they belong to the same industry. However, if the speaker does not belong to the same industry, he should not pretend that he’s an expert. Giving general advice that is applicable to the industry should be sufficient. This is something that people can take note of, and it’s a practical thing that they can use in their everyday work life.

The ultimate goal of a successful motivational speaker is to profoundly affect his listeners, and give a nugget of wisdom that they will remember every single time. There are many people nowadays who give motivational speeches for a living. It has become a career for some. However, only a select few have all the characteristics needed to be a superb speaker and can truly inspire and encourage audiences.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Custom Lanyards for Your Needs

For a professional-looking and useful item to give away at a special event, nothing can outshine a lanyard as the perfect choice. Custom lanyards could represent the values, corporate image, and colors that an organization wants to promote to their existing and potential customers.

The style of lanyard you choose is likely to be aligned with your reason for purchasing them. If you want them to be given away to delegates at a conference to carry their attendance passes or ID, you should look for a lanyard of a quality that fits the lifestyle of the attendees, and one that is comfortable to wear.

Custom LanyardsIf your organization will be attending a trade show, you might want to use your company lanyards to promote your business activities and values that you consider important in your company. It may be overwhelming if you think about the range of lanyards and attachments available. A crucial thing when choosing the ideal lanyard is to know your target market and the purpose of the custom lanyards. Equipped with this information, you could discuss what you need with the lanyard supplier. You could then select the suitable lanyard materials and attachments from the options available.

Things You Can Consider

When talking to the supplier, these are the questions you need to answer when you order your company lanyards:

1. How complicated is the design?
2. Do you want the company name and logo both printed on the lanyards?
3. What colors will be used in the lanyards?
4. What is your allotted budget and how many lanyards do you need?
5. How fast do you need the lanyards to be delivered?

Then, these are more specific questions that you also need to answer:

1. Are the custom lanyards meant to be worn by attendees of a conference?

A quality double thickness embossed and satin polyester lanyards are both comfortable to wear and considered as luxury lanyards. The print on the lanyards and the sheen of the satin would highlight the company name and logo, which can result to them being easily noticeable at the event.

2. Are the lanyards meant to be a freebie at a trade show?

If you are on a budget, yet you are still looking for a lanyard that would give you a choice of colors and attachments, then you might want to choose the bootlace lanyards that are ideal for holding card, keys, USB flash drives, etc. You could pick the suitable attachments with or without swivel heads that allow for rotation of the connector.

Woven lanyard is another similar lanyard that is within the budget range, which considers the prominent positioning of the company name and logo on the material. You could choose attachments that are either metal or plastic and select a clip or ring. If night visibility is essential to the custom lanyards, you may add a glowing strip to the ribbon. Likewise, if you need to consider safety issues in the design, you can purchase ribbons that have safety release clips.

3. Which Materials Best Suit Your Objectives?

Two of the most common materials used in lanyards are polyester and nylon. They are best for printing your company name and logo using either dye-sublimation or screen-printing process. To learn more about your other options though, you’ll have to communicate with your chosen lanyard manufacturer.

In this age where a lot of people consider social media marketing as the best way to advertise your name and brand to your customers as well as to other businesses, with planning and care, custom lanyards could be the perfect gift item that will offer an all-out and continuous exposure of your products and services for many years.

How to Order Custom Military Coins

customcoinsAll the advances in technology have made it easier for manufacturers to create custom military coins regardless of the intricacy of the design. Whereas in the old days officers had to go through great lengths just to have customized challenge coins for their units, their modern-day counterparts can simply do the following steps:

1. Send the design idea to the coin manufacturer. Most manufacturers accept computer-generated designs in various formats, such as .jpg, .gif, .ppt or designs that are compressed into zip or rar files. Those who do not have the means or the skill to draw a design can simply provide the manufacturer with paragraph descriptions of how they want the coin design to look, or they can simply scan a copy of the organization’s pre-existing insignia so that it can be incorporated onto the coin’s engraving.

They would simply have to indicate whether they want the custom military coins to be designed in the traditional engraving method. Another advanced option is to have the coins engraved with a 3D design, though this process would ultimately entail a higher cost. Commissioning a 3D design was not possible in the old days since the coins often had to be manually shaped and engraved by blacksmiths using their bare hands and a few odd tools.

2. Choose the coin’s shape, as well as finishing on the coin’s edges. Some of the most well-known shapes for modern custom military coins are polygons, squares, and dog tag shapes, not to mention the traditional rounded shape. The edges can also be customized into rope-cut, wave-cut, oblique, or cross-cut edges. This effectively adds to the unique look of the coins and also makes the design stand out. These new ways of shaping the coins and cutting their edges are in stark contrast to the ancient methods of shaping challenge coins into simple round shapes.

However, one disadvantage of shaping the coins into a hexagonal or dog tag shape is that it is not cost-effective. This is because the shapes would have to be cut out of the traditional rounded coins, which means that some parts of the coin will have to go to waste.

3. Choose the style of the metal that would be used for the coins. Some choices include published or antique styles of gold, silver, brass, and copper. Organizations can also choose dual-tone metal styles if they want to make the coins look more interesting and unique.

Choosing the metal style is also another advantage that is made possible by modern technology. In ancient times, custom military coins could only be shaped from real gold or silver, which is something that would cost an arm and a leg these days.

Once the steps above have been completed, it is now time to submit the request to the manufacturer. However, before submitting the order, an officer can also add in a few additional details, such as:

1. Placing each coin inside as pouch or a velvet box. This is normally done when the coins are to be given away as a special award to recognize a veteran’s bravery.

2. Adding sequential numbering to each coin. This is normally done if the order consists of multiple coins that would be given away as collectibles or mementos to a number of people. The sequential number tags often add to the coin’s uniqueness and increase its value among collectors.

3. Cover the custom military coins with a special epoxy coating that would keep the design from slowly chipping off.

Once all the details have been taken care of, the order can then be placed. The manufacturer will normally report back to the customer within 24 hours with a design idea that the customer needs to approve.

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How to Choose a Movable Cubicles Rental

When you are moving from one state to another, you will find it more convenient to do that when you rent a storage container from a rental company. The storage container may come in the form of movable cubicles. With the said cubicle, you can easily pack your things, from the small stuff to the largest furniture, without any problems.

Since you need said cubicle, it is highly recommended that you look for a company where you can rent the said product. Remember that it should be preferable for everyone to rent movable cubicles instead of buying one of their own. You will just be using the said cubicle once so there is no point in buying one of your own.

There should be many companies that are in existence in the market these days which can offer you high quality products with a very affordable rental price. You must find these companies and then pick the one which is the most suitable for your needs. You can use search methods like classified ads, Yellow Pages, Internet, or referrals to find leads on the companies you can visit for the said rental.

Once you have a list of companies that you can pick from, you have to narrow this list until the most reliable one is left. In that case, you have to look into several things to make your choice. You have to remember some tips that will allow you to come to a good decision. Here are some of the tips that are best remembered when you are checking up on your leads and selecting the best one out of them.

ContainersFirst, you have to consider what the best container to have when you are moving. The movable cubicles come in various sizes. Pick the size that can accommodate all the stuff you plan to bring with you when you move to your new house. The container should also be compact enough to pass through the road to the new home.

You need to negotiate. Ask the rental companies about the discounts they can provide. These companies usually have seasonal promos that you can look out for. See if there are other promotions you can be eligible for as well. If there are no promos, see if you can negotiate with the rental company regarding the total price you will be paying for the move.

It is advantageous to plan for the move ahead of time. If it is possible for you to plan the move months before the actual date, then you have to do so. That way, you do not have to cram in searching for a rental company. If you plan when the time for the move is already near, you might have to settle for less.

Setting a budget should be a given. You will definitely need it. The rental will most likely cover the storage duration for the movable cubicles. If you will need the said container for several months, then you must prepare enough money to cover for its rental price. It might become too expensive if the storage spans to several months, though.

Parking the said container at both the old house’s location and at the new one’s is the responsibility of the client. Thus, you have to prepare where the said container is to be parked upon your rental. Be it when you are still loading your stuff or already unloading it into your new home, you must park it properly. Ask details about the parking from the right officials.

Of course, that means that you have to figure out beforehand if it is okay to park the said container in the locations you have in mind in the first place. You do not want to have problems just because the movable cubicles are not allowed parking in your chosen location. You will surely be inconvenienced if you overlook this matter.

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Movable Cubicles offers secure on-site storage solutions. Affordably priced, the containers provide the extra space that helps you conveniently store your belongings.

Looking for Live Chat Software?

chat-serviceBusiness retailers looking to expand their presence in the online world – a world which gains greater importance and significance in the ever expanding markets – always look for ways in which they can gain advantage over competitors or keep their momentums going. One such way, people have been finding, is using live chat software for business. Live chat isn’t just for addressing inane customer concerns anymore. It has also become a way for businesses to engender customer loyalty in each of their highly competitive fields and to increase the efficiency of business processes. Chat software may be a look into how the future is going to be. It is therefore of utmost importance to learn how to choose the best chat service for one’s business.Here are some of the most important things to consider:

  1. Expansive service. Most chat software for business is often hosted in two forms: the servicers that provide the software and only the software; and another company that holds the servers for the software. It’s like ordering pizza from a shop and then having them call another shop to make the actual pizza. The bottom line is that, in the end, the inefficiencies become evident. Especially when technical troubleshooting is as much a part of online services as the actual service itself. A good choice for chat software provider would be a company that can provide for both the software and the server. This way any problems that may arise are cut down in number while efficiency increases.
  2. Price. As with everything else in the world, product and service prices turn everyone into customers trying their best to make the most cost-effective decision possible. Businesses, perhaps even more than actual consumers, are concerned with saving as much money as possible in order to actually make profit. Chat software for business is plentiful out there but only a select few will offer bang for the buck. Be on the lookout for ones that will offer the best deal but doesn’t cut down on services or skimp just to make that deal. The best chat software providers will be the ones that let you test out their product first and offer an end to service guarantee without hooks if the customer isn’t satisfied with conversion and performance.
  3. Experience. Any provider for chat software for business worth their salt should be one that isn’t just a list of things that they can do and how cheaply they can do it, but also one with a good deal of experience. Experience, in this instance, meaning how used to actual applications of chat software they are in various specialized fields. After all, actual businesses specialize in something. No business is about nothing or just generalities. Having a provider used to, for example, the medical field will enable them to anticipate the needs and requirements for such a field in case a medical-related business looks to them for chat software. Being able to tailor chat software – and its agents – to a certain degree of speciality will save businesses time and money in the long run.
  4. Security. Of course, all of these other considerations is for naught if using chat software for business leaks out internal operations to the public like a sieve. Security is of paramount importance in the online world. People need to know that their private concerns remain private. Businesses, by virtue of what they provide to customers, generate a truly expansive data bank on their clientele. Customer information is at the root of what chat software operates on. So selecting a provider that adheres to the strictest standards of online security is essential. Look for data encryption standard compliance like HIPAA and the like.